About Us


We take the guess work
out of groceries

Born out of a desire to do good and nourish, we seek out the finest natural and organic foods and produce available, maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, and have an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture. We believe in fair living wages and a happy environment, and we believe that educating our customers and demystifying food choices is our responsibility.

We’re a strictly GMO-free zone. Our meat and dairy is free from all optional extras – so no antibiotics, steroids or hormones. Our organic skincare ranges contain absolutely no irritants nor nasties, and our household products are free from any artificial ingredients or chemicals. We stock only organic fruit and vegetables. Basically, we specialise in minimally processed, unadulterated produce.


Farm Table is a "safe zone"

Our customers don’t have to worry about reading labels or researching the ingredients themselves. We’ve done the groundwork for you. Shop confidently knowing that our team is ready and waiting to give you clarification and detailed information on all of our products and ingredients.


What are whole foods?

Remember the days when milk came in a glass jar with a thick layer of cream on top? Or when egg yolks were golden and really tasted like eggs? Or vegetables, only available in season and on your table after being picked that morning? No preservatives, minimal processing and no compromise on taste or quality.

Putting wholefoods in your basket from our table is our mission, and doing it with the utmost of care is our promise.


What makes us different?

Farm Table is an owner-run store with integrity and honesty at the heart of our business. We pride ourselves in carefully curating the best selection of products to offer you at the best possible price. We do our utmost to create a superior and holistic customer experience by accommodating special requests and providing you with advice and insights. We believe that ‘know thy farmer’ is our responsibility (which we take very seriously) and we provide a direct link from small, independent farms and urban growers to our table.

We believe in fair living wages and a happy environment, and we believe that educating our customers and demystifying food choices is our responsibility.


Our Customers

More and more people are looking for alternatives to your average grocer. They desire transparency when it comes to food choices and healthier options when it comes to life choices, not just for themselves but for their families. Read Our Stories for interesting insights or to find delicious recipes for tonight’s dinner.


Farm Table Experiences

Living a better life is at the heart of our business, and we want our customers to learn how to make the most of their everyday. We offer unique health experiences from yoga mornings, guided Esse facial workshops to kombucha making classes and in-store tastings. Please contact us for details.